Regular expressions

Swirl course on regular expressions and the regex family of functions in R

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Regular Expressions

Project Status: WIP - Initial development is in progress, but there has not yet been a stable, usable release suitable for the public. Build Status

This is a course for use with the swirl R package. swirl is a platform for learning (and teaching) statistics and R interactively via the R console.

For more information regarding swirl, visit the swirl website or the swirl GitHub repository.


First make sure you have swirl installed:


Or alternatively get the latest development version:

devtools::install_github("swirldev/swirl", ref = "dev")

Then to install this course and get started simply run:

install_course_github("jonmcalder", "Regular_Expressions")


Regular Expressions are a fundamental tool in the hands of any programmer when it comes to working with strings. This course will provide an overview of what is possible with regular expressions as they are applied in R.

Though different programming languages often possess their own conventions and flavor when it comes to regular expressions, the vast majority of the knowledge you will obtain from this course is transferable to regular expressions in other programming languages.


At the moment this course is still very much a work in progress but please feel free to give it a try in its current state and report any problems you have or leave suggestions for improvement on the issues page as you work through the lessons.

If you are able to submit a pull request that would be even better! :-)


Big thanks to the swirl developers @ncarchedi, @seankross, and @WilCrofter as well as many others who have contributed code and/or learning content to swirl.

I would like to commend them not only for the ease of use of both swirl and swirlify, but especially for the excellent documentation surrounding the learning and teaching components of this ‘platform’ as these are essential for anyone looking to get started.