satRday Cape Town

SA's first R conference

Almost a full month has passed since satRday Cape Town. Time races on (as always) bringing plenty of challenges and opportunities with each new day, but part of me wants to go back and re-live the experience, just to have some more time to take it all in again. It’s an event which I hope will remain firmly ensconced in my memory for many years to come. I met many amazing individuals and made a whole lot of new friends. [Read More]

satRday in Cape Town

A celebration of R

In just two months time, the second satRday will be taking place right on my doorstep, in Cape Town, South Africa. I keep telling people I am looking forward to it, but to be honest that’s really quite an understatement. I am super excited! satRdays are SQLSaturday-inspired, community-led, one-day, regional and affordable conferences around the world to support collaboration, networking and innovation within the R community. If you don’t know what satRdays are about, here is the back story… [Read More]